Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1st Year Lettering-Assignment #1

For all ad majors, this class was a must. Having to trace, fill and space those letterforms perfectly, without smudging, well this first assignment phrase should have been the real class title.
I learned to love and embrace typography, which really paid off in my early days of advertising- indicating headlines on ad marker comps. Now that the classic method of typesetting is history, I now "track and letter space" headlines on a MAC, much in the manner that was instilled through the disciplines of this class. So thank you very much, Mr. Aschenbrand, "the pitfalls of lettering" live on. And for the record I got a B- on this assignment. Comments and lettering by Bob Brocke.

Mr. Hazelrig class assignment

Illustration by Julie Neher...and how appropriate.

Billboard's Top Song of 1977-Tonight's the Night

Monday, February 25, 2008

Illustration by Dan Foster. 1982 Botticelli provided by Jerry Clemens.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Buenos Aires

This is me teaching traditional illustration techniques in Argentina. Comment and photo by Walter King.

Buenos Aires

Stew McKissick and I were invited to teach illustation in Buenos Aires back in 2000. Here is a great photo of Stew doing what he does. Stew taught digital techniques. Comment and photo by Walter King.

Ed Lense

Sketch I made of Ed Lense. He just retired last year. He still lives and writes in Columbus. Comment and drawing by Walter King.

Mr Larrabee

I traveled with Larrabee to Hungary for an exhibition of our work (me, Debra Glann, Larrabee) in 92. Here is a sketch I made of Larrabee sleeping on the train to Vienna. He's now retired and painting in Portland Maine. He summers on Prince Edward Island in Canada with his wife Joyce. I think he's having a show in Indianapolis this year. I'll have to check with him to see if he will be around during the reunion. Both his son and daughter still live in Columbus. Comment and drawing by Walter King.

Two Marks

Taken May of 2007, when Marc Tischbein and his wife, Peggy came out to visit the both of us. Shot in Kaufman's kitchen, not the local flower shop. Comment and photo by Bob Brocke.

Mark Kaufman '81

Photo from 5th and Jackson in '81. I either shot this as a painting reference for Mark or myself. Fast forward...with a photographer friend who has a great darkroom, I printed this out at 16" x 20" and gave it to Mark for his 40th birthday. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the print from the old negative. Thank you, Jay Vada! Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

"Supply Store Steve" Diffenderfer

Another image of Steve Diffenderfer, one of the "supply store guys" and according to Steve, a good number of us must be morons. (See Stewart McKissick's comment for "Art Store Steve" - and thank you Stewart, for your astute observation and knowing his complete name. I can now sleep, rest assured!) Comment and photo by Bob Brocke.

More from the Jeff and Mark Jam Session

Jeff Haycock and Mark Kaufman have got the groove going at this point...or the "inspirational inducement" has kicked in. Comment and photo by Bob Brocke.

I.D. Critique with Mr. Garant

L to R: Tyrone Keyes, Lynn Rosenbaum, and Mr Garant. I think Tyrone and Lynn were in the '81 class, but I don't know if they graduated in '81... and I briefly kept in contact while I was in Columbus after graduation with Tyrone. Seems he landed a job with Kenner Toys in Cincinnati? Would like to know what these two industrial design guys are up to these days-along with Mr. Garant. My best recollection of Mr. Garant was his bullet spiking ability when I was playing intramurel volleyball against the faculty team. You did NOT want to be on the receiving end across the net of his "killer spikes". Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

Late Night Jam Session

Jeff had this cache of cool, old instuments and one late night after some "inspirational inducement", Mark and Jeff got in the groove... Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

Your puppy Joe? Photo by Joe Bruzas

Jeff Simpson. Photo by Joe Bruzas

Stike a pose

Julie Beck, Chuck Spears. Photo by Joe Bruzas

Paul Oswald. Photo by Joe Bruzas.

Graduation Day!

L to R:Joe Bruzas, Dave Herrick. Photo by Joe Bruzas

Mike Kaiser. Photo by Joe Bruzas

Self Portrait

Photo by Joe Bruzas

Jeff Simpson Photo by Joe Bruzas

Jeff Simpson's dog, Pepper. Photo by Joe Bruzas.

Dave Herrick. Photo by Joe Bruzas.

Jeff Alward. Photo by Joe Bruzas.

Self Portrait

Provided by Joe Bruzas.

Columbus city scape with Jeff Simpson on right. Photo by Joe Bruzas

News during that time.

Joe Bruzas snapped a pic of the TV. Scary.

Lee Woolery Class

Need help with names here. Photo by Joe Bruzas.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My wife took the one of me and my newborn son Christmas break during my sophomore year. And one of my first printed Illustrations done for the Friends Action Board (via Quaker churches around the country) to raise money to help the "Boat People" (VietNamese refugees who came to the U.S. during 1978-79. I had some of their children as students eventually). God I was busy back then. No joke, school, new baby, freelancing...it's why I'm not in any one else's photos. I don't think I showed up at a party until late 79. Comments by Walter King.

The space between 603 and 601 Oak St. during the blizzard of 77-78. Photo taken by Walter King.

Shot of Beaton Hall circa 77 from the steps of V-Hall (now Kinney Hall) Photo by Walter King.

Lee Woolery Class

This is of Anita Hinders from Lee Woolery's Illustration Techniques II class in 1980. As I recall the photo shoot was for a book Lee illustrated about the first woman surgeon. Wish I could find the drawing I did of Anita from one of the photos. It's around here somewhere. Comments and photo by Walter King.

Mark Kaufman- '81

Another of the 5th and Jackson senior days. Mark was my roommate junior and senior year. Just had coffee with about an hour ago...we get together as much as our schedules allow. I seem to be the one with the better memory when it comes to reminiscing about CCAD. Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

Jeff, Mark & me in my studio.

L to R: Jeff came out in April of '89 to visit Mark and I. My studio was actually Mark's when I first came out to CA in '85. Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

CCAD catalog

Dean Canzani. Provided by Mike DiFrisco.

CCAD catalog

V-Hall. Provided by Mike DiFrisco.

CCAD catalog

Snowy CCAD campus. Provided by Mike DiFrisco.

CCAD catalog

Monty. Provided by Mike DiFrisco.

Columbus, Ohio city skyline.

Taken from a CCAD catalog. Provided by Mike DiFrisco.

Joe Bruzas. Photo be Steve Baginski.

Tam Taylor (Vandergriff) Photo be Steve Baginski

Mike Kaiser. Photo by Steve Baginski.

Dick Syska. Photo by Steve Baginski.

Dick Syska. Photo be Steve Baginski.

Chris Koronich. Photo by Steve Baginski.

Bev West. Photo by Steve Baginski.

Bev West, Jeff Alward. Photo by Steve Baginski.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Starting off the year of '84-in the fabulous career of advertising design

ok then...while both of us were venturing out in graphic design and advertising, Tisch (establishing his own business in Cincinnati and I working for an ad agency in Columbus) invites me to a New Year Eves bash thrown by one of his new clients in cincy. We were comrades in arms back then and still are good buds to this day. And yes, those matching plastic drink wear items did come with our tuxes. (most likely empty at this point) Comments and photo by Bob Brocke.

Fading Jeff

Jeff Haycock helped me out with this in-camera, double-exposure assignment for Mr. Vada's photo class. Many "light years" before photoshop...Comments and Photo by Bob Brocke.

Graduate Party Final Farewells

From L to R: Marc Tischbein, a weepy eyed '81 freshman I do no recall, and Danny Muko in our apartment in german village, maybe Tisch or Danny remembers her name. Comments and Photo by Bob Brocke.