Monday, March 31, 2008

Portrait of Grant Urie by Jean Bean. (the assignment was to use only "earthtone colors")

Dale Forton. Photo by Jean Bean.

Dale Forton and Cecile Broz at Dale's wedding Michigan-summer of 1981. Photo by Jean Bean.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Steve Allman. Photo by Jean Bean

Suzette Nance and Cecile Broz on the back porch of our apartment on Oak St...where many a party went down. Comments and photo by Jean Bean.

Classic Steve Allman...Remember that beer'll see it again. Comments and photo by Jean Bean.

Photo of Grant Urie. You will see this again too-- I did a painting from it. Comments and photo by Jean Bean.

Kathleen Trapolin from New Orleans, --and? Comments and photo from Jean Bean.

Cecile Broz reviewing her slides in our "dining room" -wish I still had that lamp. Comments and photo by Jean Bean.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks!!!!!!! Reunion Committee

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bill Shearrow. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Tracey Lackey, Bev West. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Jeff Simpson with short hair. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Mike Moneysworth

Photo by Dave Herrick. What's the story behind this one Dave?

Mike Kaiser, Photo by Dave Herrick.

Dave. Illustration by Dave Herrick.

Greg. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Chair Manor

Photo by Dave Herrick.

Auto Buffet

Rick Cowdrey. Photo by Dave Herrick.

L to R: Dick Syska, Sue Berken, Joe Bruzas. Photo by Dave Herrick.

On Franklin Ave.

L to R:Bill Raden, Jeff Simpson, Bernie Klim, Dave Herrick. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Joe Bruzas as a tree. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Jennifer Beekman, Joe Bruzas. Illustration by Dave Herrick

In shades...

L to R: Lenny Loria, Marilyn Loria, Jeff Simpson, Dave Herrick, Marge Nicles. Photo by Dave Herrick.

Deaf School Gargoyle

Photo by Dave Herrick.

Bill Raden. Photo by Dave Herrick.


L to R:Outside-Mike Cieslak, Jeff Simpson, Bruce Watrol (lying), Paul Oswald, Grant Urie, Steve Baginski, Bill Shearrow. Inside-Unknown, Steve Smith, James Dean, Sorry, really small photo, bad quality. Dave Herrick.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pebble Beach

I had a remembrance to add to the blog...

Do you guys remember "Pebble Beach"? Also known as the roof to the guys dorm.......The first warm day of spring in 1978, we grabbed a bunch of our mattresses (if you could call them that) and tossed them up on the roof of the dorm with the idea that we would get some sun. Before long we had a stereo, some beer, and a few frisbees up there, so it officially became a party........The thing was, it wasn't that easy to get up there, you had to climb the railing and do a pull-up, and try not to look down as you were doing it. It wasn't really a problem for most of us guys, but when the girls came over, we were having to grab hold of their arms and pull them up. That wasn't really a problem until one of the girls (Jan Chadwick or Patty Sponseller...?) decided to slather herself in baby oil before climbing up.......I vaguely remember her almost doing the two story drop, and it took most everyone around her to push her up to the "beach".........The beach remained open through most of the spring!

p.s. The roof also came in handy for giving direction to those who were launching water balloons. Courtesy of Rick Cowdrey.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Taken during the first snow of our freshman year. L to R, Jean Zweibel Ruark and Theresa Kuster. John McClusky painted the mural. Photo contribution by Jean Zweibel.


Senior year Chris VandenWymelenberg and I roomed together and Chris had a cat named Hershey...isn't it obvious? But when we would go any where Hershey would jump up into the window and would meow but because she was inside behind the glass all we saw was her mouth making the sound....we always got the biggest kick out of that...right chris? Comment by Cindy Ross Pawlyshn Photo contribution Chris Weber.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Phil Foster story by Roger Bisbing

O.K., Here's one.
One morning I heard Phil and Guy downstairs, screaming apparent random phrases. When I went downstairs, I found them in the living room with the TV turned to some daytime soap. They had a moist towel and two black designer markers. The soap was just one long conversation after another, closeup one shots, two shots, and three shots of people. Every time the shot changed, Phil and Guy would frantically wipe the screen clean with the towel and start screaming things like: beard on the woman on the left, sunglasses on the old guy! Hitler moustache! cigar! Cigar! and apply them with the markers as fast as they could before the shot changed.
They had gotten real worked-up over this procedure, and I don't know whether the people in the waiting room for the dentist office could hear it or not. This story may not sound that funny unless you knew Phil. Then you can picture it perfectly.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

1977 Dorm on Jefferson St. Spooky! Chuck Spear. Photo contribution: Chuck Spear

Punk Rock Party

Mark Betcher and Tam Taylor. Photo by Chuck Spear

Punk Rock Party

Mark Betcher and Tam Taylor. Photo by Chuck Spear.


Thanks to Elisa Addlesperger's most excellent sleuthing abilities, she was able to locate the elusive Phil Foster. He is safe and sound in San Diego working as a Senior Industrial Designer for Callaway Golf. Thanks Elisa, and welcome to the craziness Phil.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Halloween Party: Joe Bruzas Photo by Chuck Spear.

Punk Rock Party

1. Unknown 2. Rick Cowdrey 3. Unknown 4. Bob's guest Mark 5. Grant Urie 6. Tam Taylor 7. Chuck Spear 8. Jan Chandick 9.Bob Kolcum. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Punk Rock Party

Rick Cowdrey, Grant Urie and Tam Taylor. Photo by Chuck Spear.

New Years Eve in Chardon Ohio

Mike Flechtner. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Chuck Spear. Photo contribution:Chuck Spear.

Punk Rock Party

L to R: Michael Davis, Cindy Paterson, Jeff Simpson. Photo by Chuck Spear.

My favorite PHIL FOSTER story by Elisa Addlesperger

Phil, Roger and I went to a party together where someone had concocted this hooch from hell: vodka or grain alcohol and red Hawaiian Punch. I had two...or five cups of the stuff, and so did Phil. By the end of the evening, I was seeing double, and had to hold on to the wall to move from one end of the room to the other. I also have some vague memory of us then going to Tee-Jays and doing donuts in the icy parking lot, but couldn't tell you who was driving.

Roger and I finally ended up at my place, and Phil (somehow) made it back to his apartment on the east side. I was really sick at that point, so when the phone rang, Roger answered it. I could hear him explaining patiently to Phil, "No, it's just the Hawaiian Punch. No,'re going to be OK." Phil was freaking out because he thought he was throwing up blood. I got to admit, it was a lurid color.

Under the Volcano/Diary of a Madman Party on the Day of the Dead: Doc Lenses sitting in rocking chair with restraints. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Student Exhibit

Sculptor Unknown. Jenny Wilging poses from behind. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Zombie Party

Larry Carstensen, "Cadillac" Bill Shearrow, and Julie Beck. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Bob Kolcum. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Jamie Berger on rooftop in Union City NJ. Jamie didn't graduate with us but he most certainly took pride in being the ultimate, uninvited, party crasher. Photo by Chuck Spear.

Larry Carstensen and Winnefred Lansing with reflection of Chuck Spear in mirror. Photo contribution: Chuck Spear

Julie Beck and Mark Hater posing for a t-shirt catalog. I think Jamie Berger was the photographer. Photo contribution: Chuck Spear

Riding the gondola at Stowe VT. My guide, Grant Urie Photo by Chuck Spear

Shadyside Arts Festival Pittsburgh PA

Julie Beck and Kim Murry. Photo by Chuck Spear

New Years

Jan Chandick, Photo by Chuck Spear