Friday, April 11, 2008

Auction Item

Donated by Robert Brocke

Title: the bard
one 16" x 20" artist proof gicleé print on archival paper.

Value: $500.00

Description: Another photomosaic collaboration by Robert Brocke and Roy Feinson (for more info on unique process, go to The 'master' image is based on the Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare*. When viewed from a distance, you see the painting of the 'Bard' and upon close examination, the individual 'components' are comprised of the titles of his plays and poems.

*Chandos Portrait. The Chandos portrait of Shakespeare is named after its owners, the Dukes of Chandos. Some believe that Shakespeare's friend and fellow actor, Richard Burbage, painted it and gave it to Joseph Taylor, an actor with the King's Men. Taylor then left the painting to William Davenant, the man who claimed to be Shakespeare's illegitimate son. However, this theory cannot be supported by historical evidence. The Chandos portrait was no doubt painted when Shakespeare was alive, unlike the posthumous painting, the Droeshout, but its authenticity is still in dispute. In 1856 it became the property of Britain's National Portrait Gallery. "with such mystery and intrique, you've got to own this unique photomosaic!"

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