Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bob's Big Adventure in L.A.

Finally home and back to normal. Went to California 3 days before I started working, and spent them with Bob Brocke, Mark Kaufman and Geri, Marks' beautiful,articulate and hospitable girlfriend. Oh, and Mandy, Max and Morgan, thier dogs. Mark and Geri live in Costa Mesa, a mile from Newport Beach. We spent our time biking the boulevard, eating at area restaurants,drinking, bar-hopping, laughing, reminescing and playing with Marks dogs. Saturday night, Phil Foster drove up from San Diego and the 4 boys went out for a night of fun. Wow. Barhopping in Newport Beach, we wound up closing a pool hall at 2:30.

It was great to spend time with them, and then off to LA I went, to Paramount Studios and the Rockerfeller Hotel. Once again I worked the Pre-VMA Red Carpet Show. Once again I was the Assistant to the staging Manager, Aaron Chawla. Super great guy. Loved every minute of it. I actually got some airtime. You can barely see me, but about halfway thru, the Preshow-when rapper T-Pain rides in on an elephant, if you look behind the elephants but , you can see me directing limos.
I'm sending you the clip I made. Had an awesome time. Letter by Bob Horvath

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