Saturday, November 22, 2008


Michael and I just returned from a 10 day trip to Italy. Here are some highlights of our adventure in the land of fabulous food, wine and art…

Sun 11/2:
Arrived in Roma, Jumped on the EuroStar high speed to Firenze.
WE LOVED FIRENZE! Rained off-and-on 3 of our days there, but that was a nice change for us warm & dry weather folks. Our days there included: Duomo, Medici Chapel, Uffizi Gallery, Accademia (said hi to David), street strolling/people watching, and the best food & vino of the trip. They have not changed much of this city, no high rises or newer looking architecture. Very pristine, narrow cobble stone streets and alleys, traffic galore (teeny-tiny cars everywhere!) Lots of 'SMART CARS' and Vespas whizzing around Italy.

Thurs 11/6:
Back on the EuroStar south to Sorrento (Almalfi Coast). Enjoyed relaxing in Sorrento and also took a day trip to Pompeii and jumped the Hydrofoil to Napoli another day. Pompeii was amazing and the Archaeological Museum in Napoli where all the art that they recovered is so incredible. Check out the mosaic portrait and the pooch we uncovered. Napoli is real in-your-face kinda city. Cool grafitti and the ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA you will ever eat. Yes, more anchovies per favore!

Mon 11/10: Commuter trains on strike that morning, so we hired a cab to Napoli to catch yet another EuroStar back up to Roma. Mad dash around Rome in 1.5 days (phew!)…that was intense. Vatican Museum, (breezed through to see the Sistine Chapel), and of course St Peter's Bascilica. Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colliseum, Spanish Steps, stepped into every church we stumbled across.

The churches are the treasures of Italy. Amazing architectural structures covered with fabulous painting, frescos, mosaics, gold, marble…you name it. It is truly mind-boggling what was created so beautifully— without machinery!

Departed Roma 11/12: After a four hour delay we were lucky our flight even got off the ground due to a pilot labor dispute. LONG, ARDUOUS trip home which was an experience all in itself.

Como se dice, "please shut your kid up!" en Italiano?

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