Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Boys.

Back row L to R: Bob Brocke, Bob Horvath, Dennis Rano, Bob Haddad (standing)
Front row L to R: Kevin Burke, Jon Oye, Rob Hatem (diving...he did alot of that, here at Hallmark too), Tim Arnold.
This was taken at the infamous Brocke-McKissick house that had previously been the Jon Swindell, Rick Mapes, Mark Davis den of iniquity. Photo by Jim Theodore.


Dave Herrick said...

Names. I need names! Bob Brocke, yeah? Bob Haddad? Is that Bruzas on the sofa? Whose place? Whose rear end?
Good work on the blog site Cindy!
Where is YOUR picture?

Dave Herrick said...

By the way, best to reach me at