Saturday, February 9, 2008


Standing L to R: Randy Robertson, Mark Betcher, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Front row L to R: Unknown, Beth Meany, Cindy R.


robert brocke said...

I recognize Randy Roberts standing next to Mark Betcher [back row from left to right. And you are next to Beth Meany [may need help from someone else regarding correct spelling]...

robert brocke

Bill & Christine Holmes said...

I graduated in 1979, but I remember these talented creative fellow cohorts! Those were the days of learning our skills, minds and volleyball!! I believe I dropped out of volleyball practices.

Greg Monske said...

We were contenders...fond blurry memories of those days. I am back row far right, Beth is the only other one I recognize.

Anonymous said...

Hello Class of 1981! That's me, Randy Robertson (not Roberts) in the volleyball photo. Great to see some fond memories here and all you're old faces. I still live in central Ahia and hope to see you sometime, perhaps at some upcoming CCAD Alumni function back in Cbus. The last thing I attended there was Aschenbrand's retirement party, sparsely attended (no surprise), but he didn't remember me (whaaaaat?!?).

Later kids,
Randy Robertson,
CCAD Class of 1980

p.s. Hey Brocke, bite me.
p.s.s. I'm on Facebook

Anonymous said...

My extreme bad, Randy! Thought I remembered your last name, apparently grey cells malfunctioned... At least I remembered your first name.
Robert Brocke