Friday, March 21, 2008

Pebble Beach

I had a remembrance to add to the blog...

Do you guys remember "Pebble Beach"? Also known as the roof to the guys dorm.......The first warm day of spring in 1978, we grabbed a bunch of our mattresses (if you could call them that) and tossed them up on the roof of the dorm with the idea that we would get some sun. Before long we had a stereo, some beer, and a few frisbees up there, so it officially became a party........The thing was, it wasn't that easy to get up there, you had to climb the railing and do a pull-up, and try not to look down as you were doing it. It wasn't really a problem for most of us guys, but when the girls came over, we were having to grab hold of their arms and pull them up. That wasn't really a problem until one of the girls (Jan Chadwick or Patty Sponseller...?) decided to slather herself in baby oil before climbing up.......I vaguely remember her almost doing the two story drop, and it took most everyone around her to push her up to the "beach".........The beach remained open through most of the spring!

p.s. The roof also came in handy for giving direction to those who were launching water balloons. Courtesy of Rick Cowdrey.

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Michael DiFrisco said...

I TOTALLY remember that. I also recall that on December 17 or 18 (right before we all went home for Christmas break) the temperature in Columbus climbed to a record 75 degrees. It was warm and sunny and we all went up to"Pebble Beach" for a little pre-vacation R&R. It was awesome.