Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Taken during the first snow of our freshman year. L to R, Jean Zweibel Ruark and Theresa Kuster. John McClusky painted the mural. Photo contribution by Jean Zweibel.


walt said...

I interviewed with Canzani, Kinney and Frank Hoffelt for my position here at CCAD at the old Christopher Inn. When we were done with lunch and began talking about various other things Joe asked in his famous accent "So what do you think of the design in front of V-Hall (now Kinney Hall)?"

Without thinking I frowned and said I thought "the color was insipid." At that moment Mary Kinney kicked me in the shin under the table, leaned towards me and told me "Joe designed that mural."

I thought for sure I'd blown it. But I got hired anyway.

I remember seeing Ron Tardino working on it. Back then Joe had all those guys doing stuff and it gets harder with time to remember who did what. But be sure that Joe claims creative credit for all of it.

L Ragland said...

YIKES! This blog is amazing, by the way.